A Night…

Friday nights have become something of a bittersweet time for me. It is a night when I can do whatever I please, but I generally do so alone. I despise being home alone. However this one night a week gives my Nerd and I some time apart to do things we enjoy. The end result is generally a pleasant one.

My Nerd ventures into the Nerd kingdom to the comic/card store on Friday nights to play Magic the Gathering with all of his Nerd kingdom buddies. It gives him the opportunity to spend time away from home and doing something he enjoys, without our little mini-nerds asking for something every 5 minutes. Honestly I really enjoy going with him when I can. I don’t play. That is something I do with him alone to avoid as much mockery as possible, but I truly enjoy going out there. It is nice to be around my Nerd while he is in his element. I also like to watch the games unfold and a lot of the guys over there are fun and very witty. Good times are had.

MY Friday nights, unless I am with him, are much quieter. To be honest by the time Friday evening rolls around, after spending the week with rambunctious, chaotic little mini-nerds I usually just want quiet and mind numbing activities. For instance tonight’s plan:
• Feed the minis. ✅
• Put the minis to bed. ✅
• Occupy myself while the minis eventually fall asleep.
• Take a LUSH bath.
• Turn on the TV, find something to watch that is acceptable background noise. (I hate being home alone)
• Play The Sims 3 until my Nerd comes home.

Currently I am at the end phase of #3 on that list. I cannot WAIT for them to pass out so I can fix myself a yummy drink and run my LUSH bath and read a book for a couple hours.

Now if you are unfamiliar with LUSH. let me tell you what… This stuff is the BOMB DIGGITY. (Yeah, I really did just say that!!). It is a company which hand makes and sells all kinds of cosmetics. NO animal testing involved. You can find more information at their website HERE</a

Ladies – though it’s a little pricey, really it’s worth the money.
Men- whether you are dating someone currently or married or even if you store this bit of info in your brain for decades down the road when YOU FINALLY find the one? Buy her LUSH. It’s the greatest thing aside from diamonds that a man can invest in. Every woman likes to be pampered in some way. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. 😄

So after my bath I’m going to play with my Sims. They had download purchases on sale the other day so my Nerd bought me the Supernatural and Generations expansions for a total of $17. It totally made my rotten day better. Just like when he brought me LUSH home yesterday!!
I made myself a werewolf family and they now have 4 little werewolves of their own running around and another on the way!! I am trying to decide which supernatural species to create next! Next thing I know I am going to have my town overrun with supernatural creatures in no time at all!

I know, I’m 31 I should get a real life rather than live vicariously though my little Sim People. At least that’s what my old man tells me. But how am I supposed to do that? At this moment I have zero werewolves in my life. Uhg. Oh well, some people really just don’t get it! And really? That’s ok.

Now I do believe it has been a while Since I last heard Transformers clicking their parts in place as they are making their grand transformations from cars to awesome robots and back again! So I am going to make myself a drink, run a bath and grab a book. Y’all have a fabulous night!