Finding acceptance amongst the acceptable

My whole life I have been something of a misfit. I am a Christian and I like piercings, unnaturally colored hair and tattoos. My hair is often blue, teal and/or pink.  Currently I have industrial piercings in both of my … Continue reading

10 Nerdy Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Confessions of a Nerd's Wife

10 nerdy things to do on a rainy day. I LOVE rainy days, As long as I don’t have to do anything! Guess what!  Yes it’s raining and yes, this nerdy gal is bored out of her mind and needs … Continue reading

Goodness Gracious

Doctor who

I was having problems with my computer for months. It literally wouldn’t let me log into my websites. Absolute horror of all horrors!  So Hubby got one of his friends to fix it for me and now my computer is … Continue reading