Forgive me readers, It’s been 4 days since my last post…..

Yeah OK, enough of that.

I feel like I have had the craziest 3 weeks that have ever come to pass within my current life’s span… can any of you relate?
My brother was home for 2, we literally lived at my moms for 2 weeks. As much as I adore my family, and I LOVED spending time with a brother I haven’t seen in 2 years. I was glad when we got to go home. Honestly, I missed my bed. Had we been able to bring our bed with us I do believe we would have fared much better. There is rumor that my brother will return in about a week without the girlfriend. I have high hopes. Sometimes girlfriends just complicate the family visit. Regardless of how sweet they are it’s hard to really be yourself around someone who is new. I hope to actually take some photos. we’ll see how that goes.

I have spent this past week rushing around town, running school related errands. I have gotten all 3 mini-nerd’s school registrations completed. The oldest attended day camp at her new Jr. High school ALL week. ( I thought I had a couple weeks before I had to get up in the morning…HA!) I made a trip to the laundromat and washed, dried and folded 2 weeks of laundry…. fun. AND we attended the oldest’s pre-open house, open house night. Even my evenings have been filled with child related chaotic events, which while fun, also caused me to miss out on my normal Friday evening activities. *sigh*
I did manage to spend a few fleeting moments of quality time with my Sims. I missed them while I was gone.

I believe my biggest accomplishment these past weeks was I managed to get a star trail picture before the clouds covered. I have been desperately wanting to try, but there is way too much city light where we live. So I tried it out at my mom’s. Not perfect, but not too shabby for a very first attempt.

Star Trails

Star Trails © Erynne Nicole Photography .

I really do love the night sky and all it has to offer.  It’s truly amazing!!

Side Note: Have any of you read the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn?
I am curious what your thoughts may be on these books? Did you like them? Why? Didn’t Like them? Why not?

I just started this series and I’d like to hear feedback from you guys…