Cold in Texas, WoD Release and Happy Coffee Moments

 Yep, you read that title right.  It’s cold in Texas, WoD released yesterday but at least I have coffee.

The past few days have welcomed an arctic cold front into Texas, making this car-less Nerd’s Wife  walk the Minis to school. It could be worse. I have actually really  enjoyed the extra time before arriving home goofing off with them and discussing their day. They seem to have enjoyed it as well, though they are all praying for snow. That however, is not a new prayer coming from Texas children. That has been a child’s (and my own) plea for as long as this place hasn’t had regular snowfall. Which is…Forever?

Warlords of Draenor released yesterday. I even managed to log in and play for a couple of hours in the morning – afternoon.  Then I logged out so I could go pick up minis. By the time I got home and tried to log myself AND Nerd Dearest (who was almost home from work.) in we were placed in the login que. That was kinda brutal, but then there was so much lag, and I got disconnected from the server so many times, I gave up and snuggled in bed to watch some TV before sleep. I found out later that not only were the WoW Servers unprepared for the masses, they were under pretty heavy DDoS attack.    From what I could tell, I really enjoyed the newest expansion!  I can’t wait to be able to play some more.

And now I return to my coffee and the great search of  CRPO (car replacement possibility options). I wish you all a warm and cozy day!

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One of THOSE days…

You know exactly what I am talking about. Those days where nothing goes right. Those days when you just want to go back to bed, wake up and get out of bed on the other side JUST to see if it will make a difference? Who knows, maybe you really did get up on the wrong side of the bed! Those days when every step you take seems to be in the way of a random Lego trying to make its what back to its designated living area?

Yep you know exactly what I am talking about. I will warn you now, this post may become lengthy. Simply because it has been one of THOSE days. Bear with me, we can get through this together. No really, I promise!

So the past 2 weeks have passed by far too quickly. We are drawing to the close of my brother’s visit home. He leaves Monday morning, or so I am told…
I am also told that there is a rumors that he will return for a week after his visit with his girlfriends family comes to an end in a couple weeks. I have not heard that from him so it may just be an idle rumor. No hopes going up on that one.
This past Sunday we spent at Six Flags, we had a great time. My mother bought us season passes for Christmas And we are trying to remember to use them! Included in these passes are passes to the near by six flags water park. That’s where we spent the day today. But let’s back up JUST a wee bit!!

This morning began like any other that we have woken at my moms house. Rough. My eyes didn’t want to open. And my whole body was sore. Nerd Dearest had to go to work for the morning so I sent him off with a kiss.
My step father wanted to leave by 10. Mom over slept which means pretty much everyone else did also. Not me. I woke up at 6:30 when his boss started texting. And I woke with a major migraine headache… Yay…
My brother And his girlfriend were both up and ready to go in decent time. The kids were fed. All that was left was for my parentals and sister to get up and ready… Did I mention my sister is 17? And my mom has to look perfect before she can walk out the door. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is important to feel confident when you walk out the door, but then the server that hosts mom’s website went down… needless to say, We left 45 minutes late…
So we go to the water park and we’re having a great time. I didn’t even get sunburned!!! It’s a miracle! Seriously. I burn so bad these days. Perhaps it comes with old age. I am trying really hard not to think about it much!
Need dearest joins us late afternoon. We take the miniest mini to the kiddie pool where my brother and his Girl join us a while. Miniest Mini and my brother had some seriously positive interaction. She has avoided him as much as possible this whole visit. She is very shy and it has been 2 years since they met last.


We decide to rejoin the family and there we conclude that every one is super hungry and we need to eat.
The decision is made to visit our (mine and Nerd Dearest’s) favorite pizza place. We go, we enjoy AMAZING. Philly cheesesteak subs. The best we have found outside of Pennsylvania for sure. And then discover that the keys were locked in the car and I left mine behind because I wouldn’t need them. I will NOT be doing that again!
We were in a bit of a hurry because Nerd Dearest was already late for his visit to the Nerdkingdom for Friday night magic. To top it off I STILL had the migraine from this morning.

My step father manages to find a wire hanger, takes it apart and the two of them go to town trying to break into our car.
At some point a gentleman joins their courageous quest. And does his best to try and unlock the car from the outside. I noticed a woman sitting a couple tables away from us sitting alone, she’s had a man with her last time I looked. It was then that I realized that the man helping my nerd and nerdpapa (he is also a complete nerd) was this woman’s husband.
A few minutes later their food arrives at their table and she starts picking at her plate, patiently waiting for her husband to finish helping us and come join her. I was seriously touched by this.
At least 20 minutes passed and he was shill helping And she was still sitting there calmly. She gave no indication that she was put out by this change of plans. I found myself drawn to her. I could not just sit there and watch her play on her phone to pass time with out any negative attitude and neglect to talk with her.
I got up from my table, left my mom with all the kids and went to her table. I asked if her husband was the one who was out there helping. She said he was. And I did get a little teary eyed (don’t judge me) and I told her how much I appreciated their generosity. Not everyone will sacrifice their time to help some one out of a jam. I told her that her patience was such a blessing to see and that it’s becoming more rare to find people willing to take the time out of their day to give aid to a random stranger. I explained that we had spent the entire day in the sun, the kids were exhausted. (Seriously my miniest mini was crying about EVERYTHING at this point.) and that I wanted to take the opportunity to thank her and let her know that I was blessed.
20 more minutes passed and the lock finally lifted and the door of our car was opened. Meanwhile, this man’s food had grown cold and they both still seemed to be in such high spirits. I really was surprised. They were very obviously on a date, probably had left kids behind at home and needed some time to be just them. They were so happy that they had been able to help us out.
Now. I had been sitting at my table for the last 20 minute trying to think of something that I could do for them as a thank you. In this instance words just did not seem to be enough. So I came to the conclusion that the very least I could do was buy their desserts. So I went up and told the guy taking orders that I wanted to do something nice for this couple. I wanted to buy them desserts of their choice. So I paid for 2 of the most expensive desserts to make sure their choices were covered. Then I joined my husband at their table and chatted a couple minutes. Before we left I told them that when they were ready, dessert was on us and I thanked them again for helping us out.
On our way home Nerd Dearest informed me that they were indeed on a date and they had 10 kids!!! That made their help mean even more to me. It’s hard to get away from 3 kids for a night. And 10 kids? Wow. I can’t possibly imagine…. Ok maybe I can, I have 7 younger siblings. But still …
And on top of that, while searching for a way into the car Nerd Dearest discovered that one of the tires was almost worn through. He said he would have never known that had the keyd not been locked in the car and the tire could have gone out enroute somewhere.
I was seriously touched and my attitude regarding the whole day shifted to something much more positive!

I am grateful for today’s experiences. Remember that everything happens for a reason and be generous with others because you never know when you may need assistance yourself!

Random moment of the day:

Our Mid-mini decided he wanted to try modeling…

I am going to go enjoy my LUSH bath and then spend some quality time with my Sims! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I would LOVE to hear about your plans and events!