T Shirt Tuesday!

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Nerd Dearest and I have finally caught up on The Walking Dead.  We have had so much come up lately that we haven’t had time to watch our shows.  Thank God for the invention of the DVR.  Seriously. If we didn’t have one we’d miss out on ALL of Rick’s “Difficult” Decisions! Now in honor of our being caught up I give you THE best Zombies/Nerds T shirt to date that I have found!

T-Shirt Tuesday!

Ok, I have to admit. I am coming to like the concept of T-shirt Tuesday! Honestly? It gives me the opportunity to go and look at t-shirts and find the ones I like best! It’s perfect!
I came across this one in my search and immediately thought of my step dad.  Yeah, he’s a nerd, and it’s awesome! Although, I don’t often see him wearing t-shirts. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because he doesn’t have one like this!?

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Rock Paper Scissors

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And here’s the same one for Men. You know you want it…

Yep, It’s amazing. I love it and I want one…