Rainy Day

Gail Carriger

I suppose you surmised by the title that it is raining. We’ve had quite a bit of it and it is supposed to continue through the weekend.  I know many people who find that rainy days are depressive and glum.  … Continue reading

Dallas – Park and Palate

So my mom is a food writer, who happens to be making quite a name for herself. Over the summer she hired me to be her “assistant”. I take care of some of her social media work and since I am a photographer, I get to do events like the Park and Palate fundraiser for Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. Klyde Warren Park hosts a slew of free events every year.  It’s only natural to do fundraisers so they can continue doing this amazing work!  We got to go! It was the most amazing event I have ever been to!

Here’s the deal.  A lot of well known chefs in Texas gathered in this park. Each had a booth where they passed out amazing food that they/their staff made. So if you buy a ticket you get to go into this event and mingle with some of Texas’ best, eat their food and have a really good time! I bet your curious as to what I ate? Well let me tell you. I am a little finicky with what I eat and I VERY rarely eat fish, shrimp or seafood of any kind.  I went into this shindig with my mind set on trying everything that I possibly could. This isn’t an opportunity that comes knockin’ every day ya’ know. I was not disappointed!


Kent Rathbun was there with an amazing Chicken Fried Antelope. The meat was so tender and sweet. I wanted to go back for seconds, but his line was so long every time we passed the booth!


Jeff Balfour had a phenomenal Saltwater Catfish. Let me tell you, I would happily overindulge myself a thousand times over on his catfish!


Savor Gastropub had this fantastically delicious Blackened Red Snapper!


Rebecca Masson from Fluff Bake Bar had a booth and was passing out Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream Sandwiches That were partially coated in beer roasted peanuts and sprinkled with edible Glitter!


bisous bisous patisserie

Bisous Bisous Patisserie – Strawberry Basil Parfait

I am not going to lie, we did go back for seconds and maaaybe we went back for thirds on this one. That Basil Macaron on top was soooo good too!

Pop Star

Pop Star

Pop Star had these amazing Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Popsicle. I wish I could have gone back for more, but there was so much food and drink and so little time.


I even made a new friend. I named him Pidgey. He (I assume he’s a he) came right up and boldly ate out of my fingers.

I cannot express how much fun this was. I really enjoyed getting out there, taking photos and spending time with my mom.
By the time we were done eating, drinking and watching demonstrations from chefs like Tiffany Derry, and breathing the same are as people like Amanda Freitag or Tyler Seguin (Yes the Dallas Stars player!!) who were judging the event,  I was ready to go home and fall into a food coma for the rest of the night.  Can we say worst run on sentence ever? I am going to try and pretend that I don’t even care.


See?!  I wish I could have gotten autographs, but I was not about to push into anyone’s personal space.  I DO have some measure of dignity.  Most of the time. Kinda. Sorta?  Ok! Fine, I don’t! However, anyone who knows me knows that I am super sensitive to peoples feelings and I don’t want to butt in where I may or may not be wanted. It wasn’t the right time anyway. But we did breathe the same air and there was a point  where we were less than 3 feet away from all of them. /end fangirl rant.  Mom was worse. Just saying.

Thanks for reading!

If you would like to see more of my pictures, some of them are on my photography page : Park and Palate – Dallas
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Down in the Funk

If you are of the male species I ask kindly, that you click away from this post. If you chose to read it anyway, well, I can’t stop you. I must warn you however, that this may change the way … Continue reading

New Goals for 2015

The word “Resolution” is a word that is frequently dropped in conversation at the beginning of every year.  Most of the time, it is a word that holds a very temporary place in human vocabulary and in reference to “New Year Resolutions”.
The word Resolution is defined as:
A firm decision to do something: made a resolution to get more exercise.
A course of action determined or decided on: His resolution is to get up early.

While a “Goal” is something you put effort in working toward.
So it would be more effective to come up with a Goal and a Plan to get to your goal. Combining these two things gives you the perfect plan and desired outcome of that plan.
I have come up with three goals and three resolutions for 2015. Shall we begin?

1. Goal: To be able to run a 5k by this time next year in 30 minutes.
Resolution: getting up and running every other day on a consistent basis, even if I don’t feel like it.

2.Goal:To eat healthier.
Resolution: logging my food intake so that I can see what I am putting ok not my body. I am going to cut out sugar and lower my sodium intake. “Cheat days” are ok now and then, but it’s not a cheat day if you’re “cheating” every day.

3.Goal: Keep up with the house work.
Plan: I have created a schedule for the house work. Breaking the house into designated areas per day, makes sure the house gets clean and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.

I think I can keep up with these three plans. What are your goals for the new year? How do you plan to reach those goals?

Finding acceptance amongst the acceptable

My whole life I have been something of a misfit. I am a Christian and I like piercings, unnaturally colored hair and tattoos. My hair is often blue, teal and/or pink.  Currently I have industrial piercings in both of my … Continue reading