Nerdlings in the Morning

Some mornings are just perfect. You start it off with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea and a little work to get you going. Then you hear a bedroom door creak open and in stumbles a sleepy little Nerdling.  You ask her if she slept well and while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she nods her head yes. Of course, she does so under the assumption that you are looking at her. Thankfully you were so you can see that she acknowledged your question instead of ignoring you, which does happen from time to time.
Then she climbs into your cozy bed and buries herself in your warm blankets and rests her little head upon your soft pillow.  She asks what you are doing, and you reply “Oh this? I am doing work for Gramma.”. Surprisingly she is very interested in what this work for Gramma entails and she watches contently from your bed and occasionally comments or asks a question regarding something she sees on the computer screen.
Thankfully my mother is a food writer so any work she has for me is food related. No awkward questions there.
The morning proceeds in this comfortably, quiet manner for a little while. Then you realize that your sweet conversation had stopped some time ago. You realize that those are soft snores you hear coming from the mound of blankets on your bed.  You turn around in your chair and see a little bit of red hair peeking out between the place where the pillow and blankets meet. Your Nerdling rolls over and you see the peaceful expression on her sleeping face and you decide then and there that you absolutely have to get a picture.  You know these moments will become few and far between.

A little while later, you are editing that picture on your computer and your sweet Nerdling awakens from her sleep. She  sees what you are doing and she is suddenly very conscious.
Sleepy Bella
“Mom. What is that?!” She asks in a surprisingly embarrassed tone.
“Oh this? You looked so sweet, so peaceful and so beautiful that I absolutely had to take a picture.” I replied.
“Mooooo-ooom. Really?!” She said.

It was that moment I realized she was growing up way faster than I had thought. My sweet little Nerdling isn’t so little anymore. She finds thing embarrassing that she had never thought twice about before. Not to mention the fact that she begins  first grade in just a few short weeks. She is still young, but she is growing up.

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