Faux Caprese Salad and Coconut Creamsicle

I may be a Nerd and a Nerd’s wife, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a healthy Nerd.  I try to eat healthy.  I try to be on a running schedule. I feel happier when I am successful.  Lately everything seems to be coming against me, because no matter what something gets in the way.  2 weeks ago after months of trying to motivate myself, I drag my lazy bum out of bed early and go out for a run.  I was really excited and proud of myself. Then, I sprained my ankle and I haven’t been able to go back out.  I am hoping to be able to pick back up where I left off on Monday.

In the mean time, I have to do something to prepare. So healthy foods and creativity are coming into play here.  We’ve been house sitting at my mom’s house this past week. She has a nice little herb garden just outside the kitchen door and tomato plants outside with ripe tomatoes on them out front. So I figured I would take advantage of the fresh ingredients for breakfast.

Faux Caprese Salad:

basil tomatoes cottage cheese

Faux Caprese Salad

3 leaves of fresh Sweet Basil

3 leaves of fresh Thai Basil

2 sprigs of fresh Spicy Globe Basil

1 small Tomato

1 small Purple Heirloom Tomato

1/2 c Low Fat Cottage Cheese

1. Chop 2 leaves of sweet and thai basil.
2. Strip the leaves off one sprig of spicy globe basil.
3. Dice 1/2 of the sweet tomato and half of the heirloom tomato.
4. Stir the chopped basil and diced tomatoes into the cottage cheese.
5. Arrange the remaining basil and tomato on top.

Super quick, super easy and absolutely delicious.

Faux Caprese Salad

Faux Caprese Salad


Coconut Creamsicle:

Coconute Creamsicle

Coconut Creamsicle

1/2 c Orange Juice  (I prefer Simply Orange because it tastes the most fresh)

1 tbsp Cream of coconut

1 1/2 tsp maraschino cherry juice

2 maraschino cherries

1/2c sparkling water

1. Pour orange juice into the glass.
2. Stir in the coconut cream. 3. Add the maraschino cherry juice and drop in the cherries.
4. Gently pour  the sparkling water into the juice.
5 . Enjoy.

You could substitute champagne for the sparkling water and make it a Creamsicle Mimosa.


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