Nerd Dearest Takes a Day Off

Nerd Dearest Takes a Day Off. No seriously, he actually did.

A couple of weeks ago he said that he was going to take this Wednesday (yesterday) off of work so we could spend time as a family.  The month of August will begin an indefinite period of time that will be insanely busy for him at work. We don’t really know when we’ll just be able to spend time as a family, so he wanted to do something fun before that begins.

So we took the Nerdlings to Six Flags.


We met Marvin the Martian, rode  a ton of rides.



I took my Papa’s place as “stuff holder” while the rest of the group rode on the Aquaman.  Phones, wallets and such should never get soaking wet.

Nerd Dearest and the oldest two Nerdlings rode the Batman and Mr. Freeze, while the youngest Nerdling and I took selfies and watched the rides. She and I are not much for big roller coasters, so we had to find entertainment somewhere while we waited for the others.

We checked out our blue tongues that was a result of our abundant Powerade  consumption.


We finished our Six Flags outing in family tradition with dinner and milkshakes at Steak ‘n Shake.

It was a great day and by the end of it everyone was exhausted. The Nerdlings even fell asleep on the way home.


It was an exhausting  but wonderful day that I wish we could redo over and over and over.  Happy memories were made and that is what matters.

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