Faux Caprese Salad and Coconut Creamsicle

I may be a Nerd and a Nerd’s wife, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a healthy Nerd.  I try to eat healthy.  I try to be on a running schedule. I feel happier when I am successful.  Lately … Continue reading

Nerd Dearest Takes a Day Off

Nerd Dearest Takes a Day Off. No seriously, he actually did. A couple of weeks ago he said that he was going to take this Wednesday (yesterday) off of work so we could spend time as a family.  The month … Continue reading

When Life Hands You a Sprained Ankle…

laundry girl

Rapidly growing piles of laundry soon develop a personality of it’s own. Proceed with caution.

When life hands you a sprained ankle, you kind of have to sit back and ask yourself: “Self, what are you doing with yourself?”
You can’t not ask. You suddenly find yourself with an abundance of time  that you never knew could possibly exist.  Then, what do you do with this new found time?  Well, you try to fill it of course. First you want to fill it with all those things you’ve been meaning to do for weeks, or even months, like running or cleaning out from under your bed, I think I have dust bunnies living under mine.  Then you realize that you are supposed to “take it easy” and “put your feet up” so you resign yourself to the tedious task of tackling that always growing pile of laundry.

At least you can marathon your favorite shows on Netflix while folding said laundry. I’ve zoomed my way through Gilmore Girls all the way to season 4.  I wish I were joking, though Nerd Dearest will almost gleefully rat me out to the first person who asks.
This week I find myself in the unfortunate position of having almost nothing to do and a plethora of lazy day options. Oh I know poor me.
So far, I have spent most of the day looking at healthy meal options for when the kids start school in a few weeks.  I love fun food ideas that I can alter to make them work for the Nerdling’s dietary needs and my own. In fact, I contemplate getting some bento boxes and making the Nerdlings a bento lunch once a week. I found some really cute ones!
Besides the fact that there are some really adorable bento boxes out there and it would just be a lot of fun to make creative ways to fill them up with yummy food.

My youngest Nerdling, is obsessed with Hello Kitty.

And I think that this Hello Kitty bento box would have her over the moon with glee.

My middle Nerdling varies in his interests so much, varying from  comic books to video games and anything remotely close to in between.  He also loves Ninjas.

I really think he would enjoy this Kotobuki Ninja set.

My oldest Nerdling is into pretty much anything asian and anime related. She loves Fairy Tail and Inuyasha, and I haven’t been able to find a bento for those yet.  However, we call her Manda Panda.  Always have, always will  much to her dismay.  I found this:

Baby Ninja Panda bento box and I absolutely adore it.

Some of the most adorable bento lunches I have found are on a blog called Bento, Monsters. This amazingly talented lady has got  Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Pokemon bento lunches and more. Recipes and tutorials included, I am saving her blog for sure. I am on the lookout for “Americanized” versions of bento boxes too. So if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment!