Sugar and Spice and Everything….

Keyboards? Well perhaps not everything. After 6 years my keyboard finally kicked the bucket. It was a sad, sad day.

My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, my keyboard was dying so Nerd Dearest bought me a  new keyboard and mouse to replace the old ones as an “Early Birthday Present”. I am really excited because I needed/ wanted something girly and sleek.

So I researched and looked at a whole bunch of keyboard possibilities as a replacement. I finally decided on this pretty black with  multi color backlight options keyboard that is sold by a company called bluefinger on It came with a nifty little mouse with ever changing back lit colors.  I have had it for about a week now and thought I would post my opinion of it.

Bluefinger gaming keyboard


I will say that the price suited what we could pull off financially at this time. $40 is pretty inexpensive when you think about it. It is said to be waterproof. To be honest I haven’t really put that feature to the test. It has 3 back light color options; red, blue and purple. That was a big selling point for me. Since I couldn’t find anything with a pink back light, purple was the next best thing.  The brightness of the back lights can be set to off, low, medium and high settings. This is nice because my computer is in my room and I don’t have to have bright lights  keeping me up all night. It also came with a decent sized mouse pad. +1 for the freebie!

The keys are rather tall. It makes typing slow and unreliable. I find that I often have to go back and correct spelling.

Now for the in between or “Mehness”:
Using this keyboard is not comfortable. At the same time it is not uncomfortable. The keys are louder than I expected them to be.

It is nice to finally have something that works and given  the cost it fit right into my needs. The mouse on the other hand works as long as I don’t try and press down the scrolling wheel to walk my toons around in World of Warcraft. Unfortunately that is my habitual method of play, and what is most comfortable for me.


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