Christmas is at hand

Sometimes I can’t get over how quickly the year passes. It is certainly that time of year again, and once again I find myself wondering how we’re here already.
It’s that time of year:
When people and places put up shiny and lit up decorations.
When festive music is played everywhere.
When people are rushing about, trying to finish their last minute gift purchases.
When traditions are followed, and sometimes created.
When the weather turns cold and sometimes flakey, wet, white things fall from the sky. (Most people call this snow)
When the hustle and bustle of the season encourages us to forget what is really important.

I have to admit. I love Christmas time. It’s my favorite time of year.
  Growing up, mom always made sure that our Christmas was happy. It was never about the presents, though especially as children they were enjoyed and anticipated. Mom made sure that we understood what Christmas was really about.  To my family it was, and still is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and what that means for us.
It’s about celebrating family.
It’s about making happy memories.
It’s about giving.
It’s an excuse to have a big family shindig.
It’s about serving others.

I absolutely love putting up our Christmas tree.  Nerd Dearest and I make it a big event every year. Usually we order pizza and watch “How the Grinch stole Christmas” then we decorate our tree while drinking eggnog. I admit this night rivals Christmas morning as my favorite time of the season with my family.  These are the memories I hope my little mini nerds look back on with happy thoughts and share with their children some day.
  Christmas day is usually spent at my mom’s. Dinner at mom’s are some of the most amusing times. I come from a large family and my siblings are crazy.  I am proud of them and proud to be a part of their family. Thankfully, Nerd Dearest fits right in.
I admit, I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Three of my brothers are away for Christmas. One of them has a new wife and they are beginning their own family traditions.
It feels strange to be so far from them during this time of year.  But it’s a natural thing.
I hope all of my siblings know how much I love them and how proud I am of them. My life would certainly be dull without them.

This is most of my family back in May of this year. The picture is missing 2 brothers a sister and my super amazing sister in law.  Even with them missing from the photo, this is a pretty accurate description of my family.  Just think of this plus more….muchness. It’s chaos. Not a single one of us is “normal” and it is awesome. It’s my life and it is just as it should be.


And with this I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May the rest of this year be filled with happy memories and quality time with loved ones.


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