Return to World of Warcraft

After a 2 year long absence from World of Warcraft, we have returned.  When Mists of Panderia released we were so disappointed with it that we just couldn’t bear  the thought of spending the money on the expansion, we also had to choose bills over subscriptions. However, with Warlords of Draenor around the corner we thought we would look into seeing about renewing our subscriptions. That process was much easier said than done. A lot changes in 2 years, emails deactivate due to lack of activity, passwords tend to be forgotten and WoW accounts get hacked.  Yep. I spent a total of an hour and a half with Customer service last Saturday afternoon! That customer service rep was a champ! First I couldn’t remember which email I used. Then I discovered the email address only to find out that I hadn’t used it so it was de-activated. So then we had to reset all of the information and we finally got that squared away. So I started the tedious game download. You KNOW I couldn’t wait to play, so I  logged in as soon as it was playable and found a whole bunch of toons on mine and different realms that I never created. I logged onto my main and all of her mats, gold, and gear that I worked so hard for were gone. Luckily our next call to customer service was quick. While they weren’t able to restore everything I got a lot of things back. So I was happy. I still am, as WoW has taken up so  much of my time this week. I forgot how much I had missed playing!


Ahhh, my beloved Ilthaelyn. We call her “Thae” for short.  Granted her gear needs a lot of work and I do have other toons that I play and care about,  I missed Thae the most. She was my first.  Nerd Dearest  started playing WoW before me, by about a month I believe.  During that time, I watched him play. I had just bought The Sims 3, and I found that I was FAR more interested in his World of Warcraft than I was in my Sims. So I convinced him to buy WoW for me.  We played all the time, made awesome WoW friends (Some of whom I still keep in contact with) and had a good ‘ol time until we came to a place where we had to decide beween bills and WoW.  Bills won out on that one. Air conditioning during Texas summers are an absolute must. So we said goodbye to our toons, there may have been tears, and moved on until 2 years later our craving to play became too great. I am so glad to be back!

Warlords of Draenor releases November 13th and I am really looking forward to the new expansion! Amazon has it available for pre-order here if you are interested in looking into or purchasing it.
So my dear readers, how are you occupying your time this week?

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