Review: Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington

As I mentioned in my last post, “10 Nerdy things to do on a rainy day” I was contemplating beginning the book Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington. So I did, and here’s my review.
First, let me just start out by telling you a few things about me and my reading habits. 

  • If I begin a book I absolutely have to finish it, even if it totally sucks! I am not really sure why, but I mentally can’t cope with the thought of leaving a book unfinished.
  • I have a habit of going into reading binges. I seriously will read  until the thought of reading another word is completely unappealing, then I won’t read for a few days when I will go into another reading binge.  These “Binges” tend to last a couple of weeks, it’s a vicious cycle.
  • I will go into my Kindle, nook and play book apps and download every free book within the genre my mind craves without reading the summary. Then I will read them all. If the first book of a series is good I will purchase the next book and the next and the next until I have completed the series. Only then will I move on to the next free book I had purchased.
  •  I get emotionally involved with the characters of a well written book very easily. So when they kill off a character or something bad happens to a character I favor, I will mourn for them. (I am the same way with movies and tv shows)
  • I am a sucker for marketing.  If I see a book cover or  a label on something that appeals to me I will try it.  I don’t judge books by their covers, but if I see a pretty cover I am likely to read it first.

That being said, Kiss of Fire is the fist installment of the Imdalind series. It  is one of those books I obtained in a mass book download.  I loved the cover.  Yeah yeah, I know, but it’s pretty!

Rebecca Ethington

See? Pretty!

So here’s the scoop on the story.
Joclyn Despain is the main charater. When she was little she was bitten by a blue sparkly creature. The bite left a scar on her neck that she never wanted anyone to see. So She hid it by wearing baggy clothes and covering it with her hair and hoodies.  Joclyn has an obsession for hoodies that I can totally appreciate. She is being hunted because of her scar and  she is completely unaware.
Joclyn has a best friend named Ryland. He’s a couple of years older than her, but they have been inseparable since they met when she was 6 years old. Joclyn begins to develope non friend-like feelings for Ryland, but she knows that they can never be more than friends. Ryland has also never seen her scar. Somehow she has managed to conceal it even from him.
On her 16th birthday Joclyn receives a pearl- like object from her estranged father that triggers a change in her. She  is now seeing a tall blonde man who seems to be stalking her and she miraculously throws her highschool bully ten feet in the air.
One day Ryland sees her scar, he knows what it is and who is trying to kill her because of it.
This story is about Joclyn and her search for answers as she discovers the courage she needs to deal with her newly overturned life. From here on her life is filled with new experiences and all kinds of danger she never thought she would face.

I was pleasantly surprised with this book. It has been a while since I began a book and got sucked right into the story. I laughed with the characters and I cried for and with them. I will admit, I finished all 4 books that are currently released for this series in 2 days. I moved from one book to the next, on the edge of my seat (so to speak),  unable to get enough of Joslyn until I came to the end of the 4th book only to discover that the 5th is yet to be released. So PLEASE Ms. Rebecca Ethington, I would really like to read the last book of this series! I am anxious to see how this story ends!

Kiss of Fire is a clean YA paranormal romance.  There was no fowl language that I remember reading. There was a low to moderate amount of violence, considering the story line this wasn’t unexpected. The biggest thing that I appreciated about the writing of this book was the lack of sexual content. I can appreciate an author so much more when they keep things tasteful and don’t have resort to the use of sex to sell their books. Their talent is what sells it, the skill to paint a picture using words. In fact, the entire Imdalind series (that I’ve read so far, falls under this description.) Congratulations Rebecca Ethington, you succeeded in impressing me! Keep the stories coming, I’ll be reading!

You can get Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington here! Give it a try, it’s totally free! Free books are always welcome!

And once you finish the first and need the next three installments of The Imdalind Series you can find those here too! Trust me, they are totally worth it!

Eyes of Ember (The Imdalind Series) Book 2

Scorched Treachery (The Imdalind Series) Book 3

Soul of Flame (The Imdalind Series) Book 4

If you’ve already read The Imdalind Series, I would love to hear your thoughts about the books. Did you love them? Did you hate them? Why?

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