10 Nerdy Things To Do On A Rainy Day

10 nerdy things to do on a rainy day.
I LOVE rainy days, As long as I don’t have to do anything! Guess what!  Yes it’s raining and yes, this nerdy gal is bored out of her mind and needs to decide on something to do.  It doesn’t help at all that my son has been home sick all week.  Yes, I did say ALL week.  So I am home,  with a sick kid and trying to find something to entertain myself with. So I thought I would begin here, by compiling a list of things that I enjoy doing on a rainy day. Nerd style.  I’ve got my coffee, so I am ready. Are you?


  1.  A comfy location and a good book, combined with a hot cup of coffee is one of my absolute favorite rainy day activities.  I am currently in between books, but I believe I am about to begin reading Kiss of Fire by Rebecca Ethington. It’s next in line on my Kindle app.
  2. Take a nap.  There is something about cloudy, rainy days that just make you want to fall asleep. Especially when you can hear the pitter patter of raindrops attacking your windows.
  3. Go play in the rain! It doesn’t matter how old I am, whenever it’s warm and raining outside I want to go splash around in the puddles and dance in the rain.
  4. Sometimes I just need something perfectly mind numbing. Especially on a rainy day. On these days, YouTube is an eternal source of entertaining, mind numbing amusement. Be it other peoples every day absolute stupidity or scripted four minutes of genius. Anything  from “The Guild” is fantastic. I consider it a timeless classic of sorts. To me, it never gets old!
  5. Build a fort out of pillows, chairs and sheets.  Seriously, you’re never too old for that! I promise!
  6. Nerf war. I believe that speaks for it’s self.  Nerf wars go great paired with number 5! It’s even better with a friend, Nerf guns and swords!
    wanna_play_nerfnerf-gun pheeny
  7. Create/work on wishlists! Random? Perhaps a little.  But I find that birthdays or Christmas time rolls around and I am asked that inevitable question: ‘What do you want for _____?’  And if my wishlist is big enough, whatever I receive may actually be a surprise. Amazon.com is great because there are soooo many categories to choose from!  And well, let’s face it. Sometimes it is impossible for people to gift us with things we actually want. You know, you don’t want another gift disaster like last year.
  8. Spend the day with your favorite video game. I may be disappointed in the new version of The Sims 4, but that won’t stop me from doing my best to enjoy it.  I am also dying to try out Destiny, it looks AMAZING!
    The Sims 4Bungie
  9. Aimlessly browse Google or Pinterest for anything you think is amusing.  Seriously. I can lose hours on there looking at Nerd Humor without realizing how much time has passed. I am really bad about scrolling until I find something that I think is funny, laughing at it, then sending it to Nerd Dearest. Unfortunately he doesn’t always find things as amusing as I do. I tend to lean toward the side of “easily amused”.
  10. Marathon your favorite movies or TV show. I have been dying to re-watch Doctor Who ever since this season began.

Or you could be like me and create your own ” Things to do on a rainy day ” list.  What are your favorite rainy day activities?


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