The Sims 4: A Player Review

We all know that The Sims 4 was released just over a week ago. As you, my readers know from my last post I was super excited about this release. I will try to keep this short as I don’t want to bore you to death with the ramblings of a Sim obsessed woman.  I have spent the past week and 2 days spending time with the game and my Sims. Within that time frame I have come to some discoveries and conclusions about this game.  I will be honest, before the game was released I tried to stay away from spoilers that revealed too many features about the game.  A large part of the excitement for me is starting up the game for the first time and finding all the new features that come with it. It’s like Christmas!
You should know, I am not using any super speed gamer computer (I wish). I am using the same computer I have used to play The Sims 3  for the past few years.  It’s nothing special, but it’s my great companion in Simship. We have been through a lot with our Sims together.
That being said I didn’t have very high expectations with speed when it came to loading and game play. However, when I started up the game the first thing I noticed was the super fast loading screens. Oh my goodness, my heart lept for joy. By the time we got around to actually playing my heart was doing jumping jacks for joy. Yes, yes cheesy I know but bear with me here OK? Game play was smooth, no freezing. It was fantastic!
I absolutely have favorite aspects to The Sims 4. So I will get to those first before I list out those that are, in my opinion, not so happy negatives. So, here we go:

The Sims 4

It took a little bit of getting used to. I really did have to play around with creation, but the dynamics of Create-A-Sim mode are fantastic! No more clicking on tabs to switch back and forth from one feature to another, it’s all right there in one place. Click on the feature you want to change and then click and drag to make the desired adjustments.  Everything is adjustable, head, neck, shoulder, chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, you can even change your Sim’s butt size. It’s fantastic. Genius even. There are still pre-made options for face and body development, but I prefer to get a little more hands on in my character creation.  I seriously could lose days worth of time in CAS mode.

Build/Buy Mode. They have combined the two. I did have to search a little before I figured that out.  Build Mode is now a button on the top right of the screen. Within Build Mode is a whole lot of glorious features. Once you click on Build Mode your menu will pop up on the bottom of your screen. Here you will find menu tabs on the left side for building and furnishing your Sim’s home. I love how you can buy pre-made rooms that you buy and drop. I love that you can re-adjust the size of a room by dragging the walls to where you want them to be.  Build mode has been super simplified and it (in my opinion) is glorious. I may spend a bit of time fine tuning details, but the hours and hours I would spend building and furnishing a house, only to find that I have no more time to play are gone.
I love the new Create-a-sim and I love the new Build mode. Fantastic!

Game play is where things get a little iffy for me.
The new emotions are great!

The Sims 4
They open up interactions that are only available when your Sim is feeling a certain way. If your Sim is feeling confident,  she could tell some one an unbelievable story. In the photo above Gracie is telling Jordan an unbelievable story about a bear. It’s fun to  watch!


The Sims 4

Uh-oh! Jordan couldn’t get home in time to use the rest room! She’s had an accident, and not only does she smell badly, but she is embarrassed as well.

The Sims 4

She’s so embarrassed that all she wants to do, is to go hide in her bed. Poor Jordan!

Having babies has been made easier.  They now come with a bassinet. As your Sim interacts with their precious bundle of joy they pick the baby up out of the bassinet and when they are done they place the baby back into the bed. No more Sims putting babies down on the floor when they’re finished and then you having to find where the unhappy babe is hidden!

These interactions certainly enhance the game play and I think that they are wonderful additions to the game!

Now on to the bad.

1. When Sims die, they no longer turn into ghosts. There is an urn or a grave left behind that you can interact with, but no more ghosties come out. This is really depressing for me. They were one of my favorite aspects of Sim death.

2. Sims are born and when they age, they age to child? No more toddlers to chase around, or teach to talk or walk.

3. The neighborhood is very small.  The amount of lots available seems to be significantly reduced.

4. There is no more free traveling within the town. Now anywhere you go requires a loading screen. Which is blessedly fast, but irritating none the less.

5. No more cars to travel in! I’ll tell you right now. My favorite Sim in The Sims 3 got to cruise around town in a brand new Shelby.

6. Swimming pools, hot tubs and swimwear are a thing of the past. No more!

7.  No more nannies, butlers or maternity leave.  Have a baby and it’s time for work? No problem, the baby automatically goes to daycare. No need to call a nanny so you can go out.

8. Doors don’t lock, beds cannot be assigned.  This is really frustrating when mom goes to sleep in Jordan’s bed, in her very child oriented room.

Some of these are petty, I know.  Some of them aren’t really a big deal, they are just things I noticed were missing.


To sum it all up, this is how I feel about the game currently:
The game is beautiful. It looks amazing no matter how you look at it. It loads unbelievably fast and that makes me super happy. I am certainly in love with a lot of the improvements they’ve made and features they have added.  I really feel that the removal of so many things that made the game more realistic, detracts from the game experience greatly. While there are many great and wonderful new features, so many of those that I loved and made the game fun for me are gone.
Overall, I am really disappointed in the game. There was so much hype for so long about the new release that a dedicated Simmer couldn’t help but to get caught up in the excitement. I had a blast creating Sims and their houses to live in, but when it came to the actual event of playing the game, I couldn’t help but feel let down. I honestly almost returned the game to the store. The only thing that stopped me was the hope that future game expansions would re-introduce many of the things that I am seriously missing from the game.

I shall leave you with this screenshot of some Sim love.

The Sims 4

Have you played The Sims 4 yet? How do you feel about it?

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