It is Here: The Sims 4

Let the Hallelujah Chorus resound, The Sims 4 is here!  I have been super excited about the new release since I heard about it all those months ago. (It feels like it’s been forever since the powers that be made the official announcements)

Let me tell you, Tuesday September 2 was the longest day that I have had in a very long time.  Allow me to explain: I work with a whole bunch of 2-4 year old kiddos every Tuesday, in return I receive a little bit of cash same day. It’s a fair enough exchange. So as I am assisting another adult in lessons, you know the ABC’s, numbers, colors, etc… I am also glancing at the clock on my phone every 5 minutes (Which we all know, makes the time progress even slower.) to see if my day was over yet. Finally my time came to depart the chaos that only small children can provide, I picked up my mini-nerds from school and we journeyed to the local Target which was only about 5 minutes from the school.
After we arrived we searched and we searched  until we found our destination only to discover that the glorious shelf beautifully labled “The Sims 4” was empty! When we finally located an employee of  Target we were informed that they were completely sold out and I was too late. I was so disappointed!  I had looked forward to my purchase all day long, The Sims 4 was what gave me hope through the chaos that tried to swallow my joy all day. I even teared up a little.  Even my kids felt sorry for me. This is where I sucked it up, I am an adult after all.  I wasn’t about to be bested by shoppers that had more availability than I. I decided that I wasn’t about to travel the expanse of Texas in search of my game without knowing for sure that it was at the end waiting for me. So I decided to call around (Which if I was having a smart moment before going to Target, I would have done this in the firstplace.). So I called every store within 10 minutes of my house. To no avail. The last call I made was to the store I both despise and fear the most. Yes, you know it by the name of “Walmart”.  A place that is so evil that only the Orcs of mankind can stand to be within it’s walls. (Yeah, sorry I really do hate the place.) So I made the call and astonishingly enough they were stocked with many  copies of the game.      We set out once again. Down the highway, under the bridge and cautiously into the parking lot. Carefully avoiding the people who drive like they’ve never learned. We even managed to avoid being hit by those few who never learned to drive but also can’t see where they are going, I swear they are blinded by that which cannot be unseen.  We do not speak of these creatures that cannot be unseen freely, for you never know when they might attack. They dwell within the walls of this place and must be avoided at all cost. They are so ghastly that memory of them scars your mind so badly that you long for the days of before. There is no name for these creature in any existing human language.
Before exiting the car I very seriously looked my children in the eyes and went over the plan.  We were to move quickly and stay close to each other.  I instructed them to hold my hands, and keep up. For should they fail,  they could be lost in the abyss forever. They solemnly agreed that this was the best course of action and after making sure that they understood their instructions, I gave the command to proceed. Holding hands we carefully crept across the parking lot.  We made it to the doors without being noticed. We then made our way to the very back of the store dodging carts and hiding from those who cannot be unseen, where we found the electronics department and within that department we found what we were searching for.  Seven glorious copies of The Sims 4 sat on the assigned shelf untouched by the locals. We basked in the warmth and happiness that radiated off of them before I carefully took hold of a copy and claimed it as my own. I then handed it to my youngest and told her to guard it. I assured  her that her brother and I would lead the way to the register and protect her at all cost.
We made it to the register, which to be honest was no great distance. Paid for the game and it was then that we discovered that the locals had begun to close in on us. We were going to have to fight our way out.  I asked them if they were ready to move and they both assured me that they were. We then took each others hand in our own and galantly fought our way through the crowds. Protecting each other and our precious prize, we avoided their touch at all cost lest their afflictions be contagious. I’ll be honest, we fought hard and we came far too close to loss than any of us care to admit but we made it. Safe and unafflicted, we made it back to the car and onto the highway and then home.

I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why didn’t you just download the game directly?’ and to answer that question I’ll tell you.  I have an unnatural need to have a physical copy of the game in hand. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to me so I don’t expect you to fully get it either. Honestly, had I not found a copy nearby I would have bought it through Origin.

I have been playing the game for a few days now, and I don’t really feel like I know what I am doing yet. So I am going to give myself a few more days of playtime before I make a decision as to whether or not I like the game. Right now I am on the fence. There are the pro’s and there are the con’s and once I figure out which is which I will happily let you know.
Have you played it yet? What are your initial thoughts?

If you don’t have it yet, you can buy online The Sims 4 here

*I don’t really believe that Walmart is evil, I just hate going there. It’s a personal preference thing.

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