Goodness Gracious

I was having problems with my computer for months. It literally wouldn’t let me log into my websites. Absolute horror of all horrors!  So Hubby got one of his friends to fix it for me and now my computer is running as well as it’s capable of running.  I am very happy! I even got to spend some time with my Sims this weekend!

Today is the first day of school for all 3 of the minis. We managed to get them up and out in record time. I even got to take my oldest (7th grade) out for coffee before she was due to arrive at school. I now find myself in a place where my house is empty and quiet.  I think I like it.  However, the jury is still out so don’t quote me… yet.    So here I sit. Coffee in hand and comfortably dressed (I’ll admit as soon as I got home I changed out of jeans and into comfy shorts). I’ve got my music playing, multiple tabs open in my browser and I’m counting down the minutes until I can pick the minis up from school.  I know that as soon as the bickering begins tomorrow will be anticipated.

In the mean time, let me tell you. This was a big weekend for us. Well, as far as our TV shows are concerned. Saturday was the season premier for Doctor Who. Which we went and watched in the theater with some fellow nerd friends.  Nerd Dearest followed along begrudgingly. He really isn’t a fan. Although I am not quite sure, but I think he may have enjoyed himself. Just a little though. I on the other hand was ecstatic, giddy even. I felt that Peter Capaldi created a wonderful interpretation of the Doctor.  I love that I could see a little of the last three doctors in his personality. I think that I am still reeling from the change though. Regardless of how well he represents the great Doctor I think it will take me some time to see him as the Doctor. Does that make sense? I really am looking forward to next week’s episode!
Last night was the end of True Blood.  Don’t worry, I won’t post any spoilers.  I would however, like to point out that the end was emotional but not quite satisfying.  I do believe that once my emotional wounds close up a bit I will read the Sookie Stackhouse books.

I have to say that I would love to collect the Doctor Who seasons in Blu-Ray form.  Amazon has them in a set HERE. So I suppose I should start saving that pocket change.

So, my dear readers, How did you feel they left the True Blood story? Were you satisfied with the series finale? Did you watch the latest Doctor Who episode? At home or in the theater? How did you feel about Peter Capaldi’s performance?

Doctor Who

Tell me! I want to know your opinions!



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