It’s a brand new day

OMG I haven’t posted in a couple weeks! This really makes me sad. Sometimes life gets carried away and you lose track of time. I like to call this the “Chaos Effect”.
The minis have been in school and doing well. Except in math. They seem to have taken after their mommy and math is certainly not my strong point.
Nerd Dearest bought several Pokemon games. Including black 2 and white 2. I stole one. I have 7/8 gym badges and I am just a lot addicted. My Samurott kicks total pokebutt!!!
And I caught am Absol. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!!!!


I spent the last week sick in bed. That was no fun at all. I haven’t been able to workout or run at all until yesterday. I managed to get a small workout in and then I ran today. YAY!
I had a photoshoot this week, a 2 year old girl. That went totally awesome! Then I have a couples shoot in a couple weeks and I totally can’t wait!
I think that about sums me up. How about you guys? How’s life treating you?


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