A new school year

It has begun. I am both ecstatic and sad. This is the first time in four years that I have the house all to myself for any period of time. I think I like it.
However, this comes with a sacrifice. My youngest mini has started Pre-k. That means my little shadow is gone for the morning and then comes home tired and cranky. Refusing to do anything she is told without a fight. *sigh*
She is loving it though. At least that is what she tells me. Though I have to wonder. She is a lot like myself. She doesn’t like crowds of people they overwhelm her.
Just this morning we were waiting in the cafeteria to go to her class and most of the school was in there sitting at the tables chattering away. It was loud. My mini crouched down and covered her ears after we had been in there less than five minutes.
When it came time to drop her off at her class she gave me a hug and kiss then went off into her classroom without looking back.
I can’t wait to pick her up in half an hour and hear about her day.


My only other mini that is making a big adjustment this year is my oldest. She is beginning middle school. And she is taking the bus. So new school and bus riding is nerve wracking for her.
I hear this gets easier so I am counting on that!

Have I mentioned that. I have been too tired to play with my Sims all week? Yeah… :/

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