Preparations for the new year… Sorta

I have spend most of the afternoon letting the mini-nerds play their video games so I can spend good quality time with my Sims. What? They missed me while I was gone in Missouri last week. The kids however, didn’t even notice my arrival back to my moms house (they stayed with my sibling while we were gone. No worries. The oldest 2 that were there are 17 and 20).
I got an “Oh, you’re home? I didn’t even realize…” And then they turned back to their games.
Upon our arrival home I decided that their too tired and/or bored moodiness earned them a 3 day time out from anything electronic. They needed to re-learn how to be human again. It didn’t go too poorly.


At the end of the 3 days they finally stopped fighting and the younger 2 were transformed into a skirted Jedi (left) and a fighting caterpillar (right). Not sure how I feel about this. But at least they aren’t beating on each other.
School starts on Monday.
The youngest starts Pre-k. She and I are both excited and nervous. She’s my mama’s girl. She is attached to my side all day “helping” me get chores done or just snuggling. I think I’ll miss her.
The other two also start school 4th and 6th they are looking forward to being reunited with their friends.


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