Occupying the Minis

Yup, I’m not really that excited about it. But it has to be done. I can only handle so many days of my son wearing the same clothes… Oh wait. He does that anyway.
At least they found a way to occupy their time. My youngest found a quarter in one of the arcade machines and inserted it before I could catch her. So I gave to boy a quarter and told them to have fun.


This is what they are required to do if they wish to play ANY video games at home today. Yeah, it’s summer time and I’m making them read books. Oh, poor children.


I suppose I hated to read when I was their ages, well his age, but I seem to have forgotten what it felt like when your mom makes you spend quality time with a book. I have no sympathy.

How do you occupy your mini-nerds? Oh, I force them to read. Now I am off to do the same…


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