For the prodigal brother returns!

Well, not so much prodigal. But he has returned. That is a reason for great rejoicing. He is the brother closest to me in age, 3 years younger than myself. He serves in the Air Force
and is currently home for a couple weeks leave as he is Mid-transfer from Misawa, Japan to Nevada, USA.

It has been 2 years since his last visit and it feels so nice to have him home. Beyond that, to have him back in the states. As you can imagine we are all trying to squeeze in as much quality time with him as possible before he takes off to establish himself in his new location. I hope to get some good photos of him and us and we’ll just everything I guess. These times that he is home I cherish.

My Nerd and I were able to accompany my parentals to the airport last night to pick him up then we went to dinner. We had a great time. By the time we returned it was far too late to bother trying to return home so we had a little sleep over at my mom’s and had a good time catching up.

With him being away for such long periods of time I forget how much I enjoy just having him here.


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