Random family fun…


See? Me all prepared to read and take notes! I even have my pen behind my ear.

So I was reading and taking notes this afternoon, when I received a text from my Nerd Dearest telling me to have our Mini-Nerds dressed and ready to walk out the door in ten minutes because he was coming home to pick us up. To be

honest I was a little taken aback. It is a very rare occurrence that he comes home for any reason in the middle of a work day, let alone to pick us up and take us some where in the middle of the day. So I proceeded to bark orders to the Minis: “You! Get dressed” “Hey! Why don’t you have you’re shoes on yet!?!??!” “C’mon guys! Daddy’s going to be here ANY Second!!” “What!?! You have to go to the bathroom NOW?!? You should have done that BEFORE you’re father got here!” You know the usual routine that follows when a decision to go somewhere with children is made.


Happy Minis!!

So My Nerd comes home and the kids are all excited, bouncing around, persistently asking questions as to where we are going and why daddy is home so early. This amused me. Honestly I find great amusement whenever we take the Minis somewhere without disclosing information as to where or why. I do believe the suspense actually begins to eat away at them from the inside. Luckily, they didn’t have to wait long. You see, today is 7/11 (You know… July Eleventh) so the 7-11 gas stations generously offer free Slurpees on this day every year. Generally this is not an event I care to take part in. “Why?” You ask. Well you see, I am not a big people person, and I definitely do not handle being in crowds of people. Generally these experiences leave me feeling anxious and exhausted. My Nerd however had already been to 4 other 7-11 gas stations before he even came home to get us. For my Minis I sacrifice whatever I need to, especially when it means I get to do something special to make them happy!
Now I am ready to go spend some time with my Sims for a little while, as the Minis play Halo Reach and Animal Crossing. Then some primping for tonight’s scheduled girl’s night with some friends. Yeah, I have a full afternoon ahead of me! I’m not complaining at ALL.

On a side note… Is it pathetic that I am excited about getting 18 page views yesterday?


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