A Seed of Nerdiness

I am a heavy sleeper. Admittedly that is a complete understatement. I remember when I still lived with my mom, she would send my siblings in to wake me up with permission to do whatever it takes. Needless to say they fully took her up on that order and certainly did whatever it took to wake me up. I think that my least favorite method was the run and jump on me method. It tended to be painful.
That being said. My Nerd learned early on in our marriage that mornings and I would never be able to coexist peaceably. The closest we get is when my Nerd intervenes and brings me my beloved coffee, pressed with love. However, even then there is a remaining thread of animosity between morning and I.
I remember one of our first year mornings very well. Our oldest mini-nerd was only a couple months old and asleep in our bed. I got up carefully so I wouldn’t wake her and stumbled my way semi-consciously down the hall and into the living room.
That is we’re I found him. My Nerd was sitting on the floor in the living room behind the coffee table watching tv. I smiled and gave him a kiss. As I stood up I became awake enough to realize how he had spent the morning I had partially slept away.
He had been watching tv. Nothing strange about that in general, but it was what he was watching on tv that caught my attention. He was watching Transformers cartoon. Then as awareness slowly crept up into my consciousness, I observed the coffee table.
Strewn across the coffee table were original Transformers toys from my Nerd’s childhood. The little robot warriors were organized and positioned meticulously into poses of fighting, death and triumph.
This was the first morning of what I would soon discover would be many. It was also the first memory I can recall where my eyes began to open and I began to comprehend what my life was going to entail as a Nerd’s Wife.
This is where a Seed of Nerdiness was planted and My rise from the ashes truly begins.


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